Class Notes: Introduction

It’s March in 2017, and if you’re a music student at Brookline High School you’ve probably gotten used to seeing me around. I’ve been hanging out listening and offering help wherever I can for the past six months, and it’s mostly been a lot of fun.

One thing has been a bit of a drag, though. School days are pretty fast paced. Having gone to music school, I’ve been spoiled by two- and four-hour rehearsal blocks with five- or six-man groups. Just listening to you guys is enough information to sort, let alone finding something to say to all of you that might be helpful.

I walk out of class every Thursday and write two or three pages of notes on things we could try, but rarely feel as though I have time to try any of them out with you. You’re an extremely diverse group of personalities and skillsets. There’s not a one size fits all solution for each of you- you all would benefit from individual time and attention on different things.

This is my first attempt at a solution. I’ll post my notes here, in short written forms that will take no more than five or ten minutes to read. They’ll be titled and labeled according to whom I’m speaking to (sections of the woodwinds in concert band, MCA, MCJ etc) and you can take a look and ask any specific questions you have via the comments section, email, or at school.

I hope you’ll find some of the ideas and impressions I share here to be useful.


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